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FAQ, Comments and Reviews


Comments I have received:

This is amazing!  

How cool is that?

Can you make one for me?

Everyone has a relationship with a pencil!

How?  Wait...How?

That is the most unusual Christmas tree star I have ever seen!

My sister is a teacher, she loves it!

I would like to order a Simple Complexity  made out of Faber-Castell 4H - 8H pencils for my engineer husband.

Annette Marie, this is incredible!



Coming Soon!

Simple Complexity Temptations!  Small and large sculptures made of matches!  Whew!  Square pegs do not fit into rectangle holes!  But they are gorgeous!

Christmas ornaments.

New News

  • For US delivery there is NO shipping, handling and insurance fees!  I hate cost add-ons and so do you.  I will not charge them.
  • For International delivery, unfortunately I must charge for postage and insurance as costs vary from country to country.
  • I have a new way of packaging Simple Complexities!  Wait 'till you see it!  Very retro, I think!


How long does it take to make a Simple Complexity?  

It depends.  If you order one featured on the website I can get it in the mail to your address or any address you choose in a business day or two.

If I am custom making a simple complexity for you it will be shipped in a business week (or other date you choose).  It depends on the type of gluing finish you choose.  Larger sculptures take many days to complete and finish.  Simple Complexity sculptures that are not made with hexagonal pencils take longer to make than other shaped sculptures.  The Temptations line of match sculptures take the longest of all.  Square pegs do NOT want to go into hexagonal holes!

Do you enjoy making Simple Complexities?

Yes!  I love making these beautiful, mathematical sculptures!  It is fun to play with them and come up with new ideas and designs.  No one has taken these 72 pencil sculptures into the different directions I have.  I enjoy the innovation; both the successes and failures.  Even the "crashed" projects have a rhythmic beauty to them.

Can you make a special one for my friend's same sex wedding? 

Yes!  I gave my college BFF one for his wedding.  It was a simple complexity made from a rainbow of colored pencils.  He loved it.  He says people always comment on it when they see it.  It is on display in their dining room in a bookcase.

Can you make a custom set for a gift? 

Yes! Another customer ordered two sculptures for an engagement present.  One simple complexity was made from pastel rainbow pencils with sparkles on them; while her partner was gifted with a more elegant sculpture.  Each lady was thrilled by the thoughtful gift befitting her personality.

Do you gift wrap?

I honestly do not know.  LOL  Have you ever tried to gift wrap a hedgehog?  I have designed a new way to package Simple Complexities that is sure to please!   The only way to gift wrap the sculptures is to pack them and gift wrap the box; which is then re-wrapped in brown paper to appease the post office.   I shall continue to explore possibilities...  After some research it costs $8 to gift wrap and wrap a box.  My research shall continue...  Gift cards cost $5.  My  sons help me with those.  All money goes into their college fund.  One is studying writing; the other engineering.