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Featured Products

Simple Complexities

Classic Yellow #2 Simple Complexities Pencil Sculpture


Everyone has a relationship with a pencil!  72 #2 Pencils arranged in an artistic and geometric fashion.  This is a great desktop ornament that will spark countless conversations.  Teachers; be advised that everyone will want to pick up this ornament to investigate and write with it.

Colored Simple Complexities Pencil Sculpture


This special edition sculpture is made from pencils with a variety of vibrant colors. These sculptures can be commissioned in your choice of colors and materials to create truly unique gifts tailored to your color scheme or corporate art statement.  Perfect gift for that colorful person in your life.

Custom Designed Simple Complexities


For those who wish for a specific theme for their sculpture, or want to have a centerpiece of even greater proportions, a custom sculpture designed to your specifications, is what you need.  

Large indoor and outdoor installations are also available.


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Paper and Pencil Art

Ten percent of all profits go to our favorite charities. Currently we are funding a scholarship for covering the high costs of textbooks for students at American colleges and universities. (573) 836-4723

About Me, My Purpose and My Sculptures

Hello, it is wonderful to meet you!  I thank you a million times for being interested in the sculptural pieces I build.  They are constructed with love and joy.

 A little bit about me...  My name is Annette Marie Hintz.  I live in rural Missouri with my sweet  husband of  25 years.  We have two college age sons:  one is pre-engineering and the other a pre-best selling author.  My background is in human resources; training and development.  But I love building things, studying, making, creating.  The feel of a project in my hands.  The smell, sometimes even the taste of the thing is amazing!  I love to make something, mull it over then improve on it, then go a bit wacky on it.  Trying out new ideas, textures, sizes, feelings.  That's how I experimented and chose to make sculptures out of crayons, markers, dowel rods,  nails and matches.  No one else has done that before!

I am a member of the Order of the Arrow and am taking welding and sign-language classes.  I have been involved in speech and debate teams (competing and coaching) most of my life.  I love to speak Japanese as I lived in Japan for almost 6 years.  I am always looking for someone to practice with.  The opportunities in Missouri are few and far between.  What else would you like to know about me?  Ask in the e-mail section on this page and I will happily answer.  The easiest way to get contact me is by telephone.  573-836-4723  I would love for you to commission a piece of your design for me to build.

How I Came To Make Pencil Sculptures

I first came across pictures of pencil sculptures online and wanted to buy one, only to find out that the artist was no longer making them because in his opinion, he had already made his masterpiece. So, I was left for a few years with my only access to these sculptures being my desktop background.  I eventually taught myself how to create the sculpture and then made my own improvements and changes to the process. 

After a few twists and turns called life I have to turn over a new leaf and sell some of the artwork I have made.  I am shy to sell it.  But please let me share my loves with you!  I can send you one of my mathematical and geometrical sculptures to you.  It will be a conversation piece!  I call them simple complexities because that is truly what they are! 

Experimentation and possible Future Projects

Key Art


Wait till you see these beauties! I recently took a class in MIG welding so I could improve my key sculptures.  What fun!  Actually, I think TIG Welding or Brazing will be the techniques I use.  Do you know anyone who has LOTS of keys?  I need more!

Home Style Crafts


Some more traditional crafts that my sons want to help me with.  They inspire me!  I am thinking up some steampunk ideas.  Am aging and playing with the wood.  Still need more keys, please.

Simple Complexity: Temptations!

Square pegs don't like hexaganal holes.  This complexity is exceptionally difficult.  And rare.

A study of things ippon.  It has given me some new ideas...Dangerous!  And amazing!  I can't wait!